Nov 14, 2008

Friday Find: My Book is Now Available! Itsabelly's Guide to Going Green with Baby

Finally! Last week Melissa Moog and I received the first shipment of our new book. It took us a little over a year to pull this together, which is fairly fast in the publishing world. It meant that we spent many nights after the kids were tucked in bed writing and collaborating until 3 AM! We lost track of how many phone meetings were cut short because one of our kids was having a meltdown moment (usually mine). So, if you are curious why I was not consistent with my Friday Finds, here is the reason. You can buy the book directly from our online boutique. With the holidays around the corner, our book makes a great holiday gift for your pregnant sister, daughter, friend or new parent.

Book At-A-Glance:
Itsabelly's Guide to Going Green with Baby is the first book to evaluate eco-friendly baby gear and to educate parents about organic and natural family living. We'll tell you why it is important to go green, how to do it without breaking the bank, and give you a list of mom-approved green products for baby.
  • More than 300 product reviews of eco-friendly baby gear and necessities. We cover it all from slings to strollers, bottles to skin care products, clothes and nursery furniture.
  • Expert opinion and insight on living a more natural life, including articles by Dr. Sears, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Under the Nile, The Soft Landing and Organic Exchange.
  • Simple and practical Eco-Mom Tips from real mothers practicing green living.
  • Discover how to go green on a budget and what products are important to choose natural.
  • Learn about non-toxic feeding products, organic apparel, sustainable wood and natural skin care products.
  • Make shopping for eco-friendly products easier.
  • Decipher product labels with our green dictionary, green label and organic certification chapters.
Advance Praise:
“Here’s an insightful guide by moms for moms (& dads) to help you choose the best green, healthy gear for your new baby. It is full of valuable resources and product recommendations that all parents will be thankful to have!”
“Finally! A guide to help every mom-to-be easily welcome her new baby into a “green” world. I was so lost trying to create a green registry—where to start? Thank goodness for Itsabelly! Melissa and Jennifer made it very easy and their suggestions saved me so much time. This guide is a must-have for every mom-to-be!”
- Leslie Barber, Co-Founder, NutraBella
Itsabelly’s Guide to Going Green for Baby has helped me figure out how to do the natural thing without going crazy. Thanks to all the great product recommendations and tips, I’ve figured out how to go green where it counts, and without going broke!”
- Kira Krieger, Managing Editor, The Bump
More Book Details:
  • More than 30 eco-mom tips.
  • Hundreds of resources in 18 baby categories with web sites listed.
  • 52 product categories with brand suggestions and web sites listed.
  • An acronym cheat sheet and green dictionary to make sense of all-things green.
  • A green registry for easy shopping
The book is also available from online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.