Sep 17, 2004

The Back of Malena's Birthday Dress.  Posted by Hello

Lost Knit Project

For Malena's first birthday, I wanted to knit her something monumental - like a sweater (something more difficult than a baby blanket). Since, unfortunately, we live in Florida, I decided to knit her a cotton sundress. I started in June, so I would finish by her first birthday on September 11 (yes, 9/11). I completed the front half in the end of July while I was visiting my parents in California. Just as I was finishing the straps, Hurricane Frances decided to arrive on Florida's East Coast. We had to evacuate inland to a barely two-star hotel near the Miami Airport. One day we went downstairs while our room was being cleaned. I took the knitting in progress, leaving the front half of the dress in a grocery bag upstairs (along with my extra skeins and notions). Two days later, I noticed that my knitting was missing and it was too late to find it! I guess that is what I deserve for leaving it in a grocery bag! In my defense, I must not have been thinking clear with the stress of a hurricane approaching. So, now I am starting the front half of the dress AGAIN! The part that makes me the most mad, is that the dress wasn't ready for her birthday.

I'll post a picture of the dress and WIP as soon as photobucket lets me log in. Anyone know a better site to host images?

Sep 16, 2004

My First Post

Welcome to my new blog. I am eating leftover pasta from last night and surfing (my favorite site) while my one year old daughter, Malena plays with her books. I have wanted to start a blog for awhile, but I haven't had a lot of extra time to devote to the task. One thing I have learned as a new parent, is that tasks get accomplished in baby steps, so I had better start now or never! Ok, Malena wants to play chase, I'll be back in a few...

Malena's First Birthday!

She is wearing a dress that Diego bought her in Ecuador and playing with a ball from VaVa and Grandpa.

Here is the cake that I made for the adults. Although, Malena did have fun peeling the fondant circles off our cake. I made her a healthy organic cake. Needless to say, it was not as attractive as the sugar-laden one for the grown-ups. Posted by Hello