Feb 15, 2008

Friday Find: Lucina Jewelry

In December, I won a contest from Ideal Bite for registering for their new San Francisco Local Bite edition. I was so excited when I found out my prize was $250 worth of eco-friendly, fair-trade jewelry from Lucina Jewelry! For a little background on the importance of fair trade and socially conscious jewels, check out Amnesty International's site.

When I chose my jewelry, I told Lucina founder Shauna Alexander Mohr that I would wear one of the pieces at my husband’s company Christmas party. Shauna offered me a special wholesale-only necklace that would be a stunning accessory at the party. Shauna selected a perfect necklace for my style and personality. I was so impressed with her selection that I am tempted to wear it everywhere. And, I really could wear it everywhere. It is just as fabulous with a little black dress or a black tee and jeans. The necklace can be worn long or various lengths when wrapped. I even wore it as a bracelet!

This lovely and 26” long necklace is made from a fair trade Balinese silver chain with alternating Bali silver "sugar" beads, luminescent clear quartz nuggets and Brazilian citrine nuggets.

Lucina is named after the Roman goddess of light and birth. Lucina works with fair trade jewelry importers and developing-world artisans to find beautiful handcrafted beads, gems and silver. A piece of Lucina jewelry is truly global. Materials are sourced from Afghanistan, Colombia, Ecuador and Indonesia. Be sure to read Lucina’s Artisan profiles for more information about the artisans that make the materials. American designers Ronda Kelly and Scarlet Chamberlin design the final piece of jewelry. You can buy your own beautiful eco-friendly jewelry on Lucina’s site or in person at one of these retailers.

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