Aug 1, 2008

Friday Find: Firestorm Drill

So, it isn’t my usual type of Friday Find. But, I just had to tell you about this handy power tool that my Dad gave me for my birthday. It is a Black and Decker Firestorm cordless drill and I love it.

In 30 minutes, I was able to fix all the little projects that I have been nagging Diego to fix. Well, except for one, which involves changing a closet rod that is too cumbersome to hold and drill at the same time. I used my new lightweight power tool to drill holes in several walls to insert wall anchors before screwing hooks into place. Awhile back, in an effort at better organization, I screwed hooks into Malena’s closet to hang her collection of dress-up purses and into bathroom walls for hanging potty seats. I was lazy and didn’t insert wall anchors first because that would involve using Diego’s heavy-duty drill. Of course, a week later all the hooks had fallen out of the walls! Argh… drywall! The Firestorm cordless drill comes with rechargeable batteries. Changing the drill bits is really easy – no special tool needed like other drills!

And if like me, you’ve had a long week, be sure to check out my friend Ilina’s cocktail hour drink recipe at Dirt and Noise’s Friday 5 PM. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t need to be a long week to enjoy one of Ilina’s tasty concoctions. Just don't drink too many of these Mango Lassi's before doing your DIY projects!

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Yoli said...

You are the handy mama! Those drinks look yummy. I'd have to make mine a virgin ;(