Jul 23, 2008

Local Eggs

I never would have thought it – but I found a place to get fresh eggs locally. A nice retired couple that lives about two to three miles away (which is really around the corner where we live) have a chicken coop with 12 hens and one rooster. Another bonus is they are Portuguese (my Vava would approve). Once I mentioned that my family is also Portuguese, my arms were loaded with freshly picked kale and homemade linguiça, so I could go home and make my family a “good Portuguese soup.” Malena loves to go pick up eggs, because Mary won’t let her leave without some chocolates for the road.

These chickens are fed chicken feed and lots of greens from their huge veggie garden. The eggs are delicious – they really taste like eggs! The yolks are bright yellow – almost an orange hue. Oh, I forgot… these chickens have a comfy pad… Joe even built a mister for them to keep cool on hot Lake Don Pedro days.

The couple also grows apricots, kale, tomatoes, fava beans and yams. Not the yams we get in the super market. I am told these need to be cooked for five hours and were brought over as seeds from the Azores. Like any good Portuguese lady (at least the ones I know from my family), their flower garden is filled with plants grown from clippings made during trips. Each plant has a story of where they got the seed or clipping and how they got it to grow out here in our difficult soil.

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