Jul 4, 2008

Friday Find: Farm Shares

We are finally joining a local CSA (community supported agriculture)! Eager to find a local farm share/ CSA (community supported agriculture) program, every now and then I check the Local Harvest website (usually after my friend Liz mentions her yummy farm share in Santa Cruz!). As luck would have it, I finally found one in our area. The Bauer Family Farm, in Snelling (about 10-13 miles away) is starting their first CSA this year. There are farm shares in Sonora or Modesto, but I don’t want to drive an extra 90 miles a week just to pick up a farm share.

Yesterday, I drove out to the Bauer Family Farm to meet the family growers and check out their veggie garden. In addition to starting a CSA, their main business is raising organic chickens.

As we walked out of the car, we were greeted with hugs from the adorable and friendly youngest daughter who is the same age as Malena. The girls hit it off and were holding hands and picking strawberries together within minutes. Two heritage turkeys gobbled hello as we walked to the garden. Of course, I forgot my camera in the car. I promise pictures of the two Toms next time – they are beautiful.

Kelly, the vision behind the Bauer Family Farm CSA, walked me around their growing garden. She showed me their new plantings as she discussed her future plans for the CSA. She has a great vision of a CSA that gathers products from local farmers – natural honey, organic chickens, heritage turkeys, eggs, butter, produce and even beef. She is a Sonoma County native, so it is no surprise she is so supportive of local grown produce. Family farmers like her are exactly what this area needs!

We live in the foothills east of California’s Central Valley – one of the most important growing regions in the country. I had such high hopes visiting Valley farmer’s markets when we moved here. I was so disappointed by the size and lack of product diversity. Although, I must say they seem to be improving – it was nothing compared to the farmer’s markets in the bay area or Sonoma area.

So, join a CSA/ farm share and support a local farmer. What a great way to celebrate Independence Day! Happy Fourth of July!


Ilina said...

You are indeed in the heart of the best farmland in America (despite what the midwest claims!). We joined a CSA this year and have been thrilled. I just read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. It definitely makes you think about the old adage, "You are what you eat."

onecraftymama said...

that sounds like a good book... i'll have to check it out! thanks!