Jul 17, 2008

Where's The Beef?

All my vegetarian/vegan readers should stop reading now. Last week, my mom and I went to a meat locker in Turlock to pick up our ¼ share of a steer (about 150 pounds of beef). Kelly at Bauer Family Farms organized the beef share.

While our beef is not totally organic, it was raised and produced locally. I hope the steer had a happy life as he was roaming around the Sierra Foothills and Yosemite. At least I know the meat was not factory-produced and that he was raised in the same area that we live. By picking up the meat myself, I was able to see the facility where the meat was processed. It was very clean and small scale.

The beef is delicious and I love that for all the cuts we received I paid less than $3 a pound! Last night, I made this super yummy (but probably not that healthy) Flank Steak recipe from Simply Recipes. We have also made hamburgers on the grill with homemade buns and t-bones, also on the grill. Diego is right, a little too much beef for one week, but I can’t resist it is so tasty.

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