Oct 3, 2008

Friday Find: Valon Earth Arts

This summer, my parents went on a road trip from Spokane, Washington to Glacier National Park. One of their favorite stops was Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They were lucky to spend time in this lakeside town during the Farmer’s Market. And I was lucky to receive several gifts purchased from the Farmer’s Market. My mom knows how I much I love finding treasures at local markets and her gifts did not disappoint.

My favorite goodies are a Lemon salve and a Rosemary-Lavender salve from Valon Earth Arts. Valerie, owner of Valon Earth Arts, creates all of her products with inspiration from nature. She also makes Orange Rose and Sage-Mint salves. I love using my salves for soothing dry skin, nails and lips. I even tried putting a light layer on my face before going to bed. I swear my skin looked more refreshed and smooth when I awoke. A great find for a tired mama!

All salves are created during the season when the required organic ingredients are fresh. Valerie uses fresh plants that have medicinal benefits that aid the skin and muscles. The Valon Earth Arts website will soon be revised, so please note that her products now use organic canola oil, not soybean oil.

Now that the leaves are changing color (just barely out here in the California foothills), dry skin weather is fast approaching. Be prepared and pick up a few salves from Valon Earth Arts to soothe and heal your skin. And if you don’t happen to be visiting Coeur d’Alene any time soon, no worries, you can always buy some online.

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Yoli said...

Yeah, a new friday find! Today would be a perfect day for the salve. Nice and windy.