Oct 24, 2008

Friday Find: Weir Dolls

In the past few months, Malena’s interest in her dolls and playing “mom” has totally spiked. I loved playing with dolls when I was a child. My Friend Jenny and Mandy plus a doll I found in the garbage and I appropriately named her “Garbage” were my favorites. Finally, Malena took a strong interest in her dolls, so I could pretend to be a kid again! Seriously, though, it is such a pleasure to see her taking care of her dolls and being a kind, gentle Mommy (maybe I am doing something right!). 

As many of my readers know, a few years back, I made Malena a Waldorf doll, using a fabulous kit from Weir Dolls. Now that Malena is playing with her doll more, I thought a doll wardrobe expansion was a necessary birthday gift. I wrestled with the option of buying clothes or sewing the clothes myself. Sewing won and of course, with just a week to finish (Why do I always wait until the last minute?). I still have a few pieces to complete, but Malena was thrilled with her new mini wardrobe. 

As I started cutting the fabric, I wondered what I got myself into. I am hardly a seamstress – I only have sewn some simple dresses, smocks and skirts before. Doll patterns with arms, legs and elastic necklines scared me! The Weir Doll Clothing Pattern and Instruction Booklet made sewing teeny tiny clothing fairly simple for a beginner. There were a few parts where I had to spend more time figuring out the instructions. However, I think that is only because I had never sewn pants or shirts before. And even then, I was still able to figure it out and correctly sew it. I made the sweetest little doll lace-trimmed undies, a sundress, a shirt and a long-sleeved dress. The pants and apron are still on the back burner.  

PS – Look forward to more Weir Dolls posts about making Waldorf Dolls. 

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Yoli said...

I applaude you! I had to give up on the sewing doll clothes, too much stress for me. I happened to see some doll clothes that would fit Sofia's doll at the dollar store...but couldn't bring myself to buying it. Just wouldn't be right. Your's came out so cute!