Jan 25, 2008

Friday Find: Valentine’s Crafts

I LOVE Valentine’s Day! I think it is my favorite holiday, along with Halloween. I just adore all the red, pink and purple decorations. Could there be a more girly and cute holiday? I really don’t care whether or not I receive a Valentine’s Day gift (although chocolate always delights). I really love Valentine’s Day for the crafts.

I used to make handmade Valentine’s cards. Now, since Lautaro’s birthday is two days after Valentine’s Day I am not making cards anymore. Well, actually, no Valentine’s crafts at all. I hope in the future, I can be more organized about his birthday planning and set aside some time for gluing paper dollies and glittering hearts.

So, for those of you who do have time to get out the scissors, glue and sewing machine…

Sew Mama Sew Valentine’s Ideas

And for those of us, who don’t have time to sew, check out Etsy Valentine’s Showcase.

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