Jan 18, 2008

Friday Find: DIY Wine Charm Kit

Starting today, every Friday, I will post my “Friday Find.” These may be unique little goodies and trinkets that I have purchased recently or would like to buy. Thanks to the Internet, artists are now able to market their work to a much broader audience. I love finding interesting jewelry, stationary and other accessories from these independent designers.

For Christmas, I gave my Aunt Doreen this funky DIY Wine Charm Kit from RobinsEggBlue on Etsy. My aunt and her husband love to try new wines with their friends and families. My aunt also loves to do crafts and DIY projects when she can find the time. I thought this all-inclusive kit would be a great gift for her. The kit came with everything to make unique wine charms. It is a simple project with lots of flair that she will love showing off the next time the gals come over for a glass vino.

Kit Contents:

Cool Packaging for Gift-Giving:

RobinsEggBlue’s Etsy shop features a funky assortment of beads, decorative treasures and fun little bead kits. She is based in Cleveland, Ohio. Her shipping was super fast and packaged well. Click here for the Wine Charm Kit. If this kit is not available, be sure to visit RobinsEggBlue on Etsy. I bet that she could come up with a neat little kit to suit your style!

Photos are from RobinsEggBlue.

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