Jan 29, 2008

Preparing for Lautaro's Birthday

I am finally making Lautaro’s birthday invitations. I hope to finish the cards tonight and mail tomorrow. Once again, burning the midnight oil. I think I enjoy procrastinating and working at the last minute. Maybe it is because 1 AM is the only time my house is quiet!

Here are the details on the cards. I didn’t have to buy any supplies to make these cards. I was determined to use only materials that I already had on hand.

Lautaro LOVES dogs – so we are going with a puppy theme for his second birthday! Thanks to Mama Plum, I found a cute puppy template from designer Anna Maria. What a find! In addition to some fun freebies, she also has an interesting website and online store. Best of all is her beautiful textile design work. Her fabric is such eye candy that it makes you want to start sewing. Very inspiring! I cut the puppies from a very thin denim fabric. At first, I started stitching the pups onto a piece of Paper Source red cardstock. The stitching was a little too cumbersome. So, now I am hand stitching near the edge of the puppy and then gluing the puppy onto the card. The red card is then pasted onto a kraft paper card. Today, I worked on making cards while the kids made art projects with packaging peanuts.

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Yoli said...

Well, I alreay told you that they turned out adorable...but they turned out adorable!