Jan 7, 2008

Lautaro’s Waldorf Doll Finished

Here is Lautaro’s adorable new friend. I can’t wait to find out the name Lautaro gives him. Although, it may be awhile, right now he is referred to as “bebe.”

So, my idea of tracing Baby Doreengi’s clothes to develop my own patterns, almost worked, but I was short on time. One of the arms was two narrow and I couldn’t figure out the elastic. So, I put the shirt on backwards and wrapped some thread around the waist to make it look like a little kimono, which I think is cute. Malena graciously lent a pair of Baby Doreengi’s pants for Lautaro’s baby. I will have to wait for my parents to visit and bring me the patterns to make some more clothes.


Anonymous said...

He's so great!

Yoli said...

His hair is so cute! What a sweet doll.